Adult Program

  TDS is proud to offer classes for students 18 and older. Our adult dance programs run in shorter sessions (6 weeks in the Summer, and 10 weeks the other 3 seasons). There is one large performance in June each year, to participate students must be enrolled inn our Spring Term.





HOW DO OUR TERMS WORK? Each term runs for 10 weeks, and each term progresses to a higher level than the term before it. Term 1 classes are beginning in curriculum and nature, term 2 is intermediate in curriculum, and term 3 is advanced. Students with dance experience are welcome to join the class at whichever term matches their ability. Of course, going back to the basics never hurts!:)

DO THESE CLASSES PERFORM? Our Adult Dance Classes DO participate in our June Recital. Work on this performance begins during Term 2. Advanced students planning to join in Term 3 should be prepared for catch up work when they start he class in April. The Recital is OPTIONAL. Adult students will be expected to pay for a costume for the performance; costume fees run $45-$60 and will be due no later than Term 3.


Tap dance is a classic loved by many. The combination of music, rhythmic percussion, and physical co-ordination is both challenging a rewarding for the dancer. Our Term 1 starts with the basic Tap steps and rhythms, working through practice routines. Terms 2 and 3 expand on the basics by adding new trips, tempos and rhythms, and of course, working on a final routine for our June Recital!

The concentration and focus needed for Tap dance is a huge benefit to the body and mind! Many of the movements center around the hips, knees, ankles, and foot arches. Careful practice of tap dance can help to strengthen these areas of the body and even aid in injury recovery.


Many adults have had the dream of being the prima ballerina taking the stage for their favorite ballet. Why not live out the dream?!:)

Our Ballet program begins with the basic of Ballet barre in Term 1, progressing to more complicated barre and center work in Terms 2 and 3. This class does perform in our TDS Ballet in June (part of the Annual Recital). Unlike our youth program which requires certain flexibility and strengthen improvements be made in order to move up, our adult program allows for a broad range of abilities.

Ballet can be physically demanding, but it is always rewarding. The classic techniques of Ballet challenge a dancers balance, flexibility, strength, and grace. Most students notice an improvement in these areas after just a couple classes! Most exercises are done at the Ballet barre, this adds a safety support for our students.


The Term Jazz means “of the moment; present”. When applied to music “jazz” implies improvisation and the manipulation of new and unique musical techniques. When referring to dance “jazz” simply refers to a style of dance that reflects and interacts with current music and style trends.

Our Jazz program begins with classic, established jazz dance moves and techniques during the first term. Since Jazz is so versatile, each routine can be a world different from the one before it! Whether dancing to classic jazz music, pop music, or R&B, Jazz class has a focus on fun and expression.:)

Jazz dance is often high energy, resulting in a cardio experience for the dancer. Jazz dance class is heavily recommended for those seeking improved skills to apply to musical theatre, contemporary dance, or evens social dancing!


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