Kristi Testerman – Funkology

We are ECSTATIC to have Ms. Kristi join our staff!

Kristi Testerman has spent the past academic year mentoring with Dakota in both Funk I and Funk II classes. Her dance experience, ability to teach young dancers, and over-flowing joy for Funk will make a great addition to our family.:)


My life has been about trying new things and creating happiness. I am married with two kids, and my family has continually taught me how important it is to keep things fun and interesting. I started dance as a toddler and was in ballet, tap and jazz for several years. I took a break from dance and focused on piano, drawing and sports, continuing through college.  A couple years ago, I fell in love watching my daughter take Funk I at this studio.  I immediately signed up for the adult class, as well as auditioned and danced in The Little Mermaid.

Dance hasn’t always been part of my life, but I’ve always seen an importance in art and expression.  I graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Technical Journalism: my studies focused on being able to adapt and simplify communication, which has helped me connect and relate better with kids.

In my mind, dance is a great way to be active, creative, build confidence and learn muscle coordination no matter what age.

I have a deep passion for kids and creating an environment where they can learn and have a great time. Our lives are filled with challenges, which is why it’s even more important to have laughter, music, and a little bit of funk.

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