TDS is all about including everyone in one way or another. With all of our classes, workshops, and performances we are overflowing with projects small and large for individuals to get involved!



The Terpsichorean Dance Studio Work Study Program is designed to provide serious dance students with an additional way to improve on their art and learn the methods of teaching dance that our instructors employ on a daily basis. Student Assistants receive verified volunteer hours (upon request) but no financial compensation is given. Student Assistants are not contracted employees of the Terpsichorean Dance Studio, Inc.


  • Student Assistants must follow the TDS Dress Code (posted online at tdsdance.org and in our lobby. Hair is included in our dress code.
  • Student Assistants are responsible for helping the teacher get all of the students into the class, at their assigned places, on time.  Assistants should help to calm any students who are nervous or frightened, and make sure students are quiet, lined up and ready when it is their turn to go.
  • An important part of the Assistant’s job is to keep the focus of the class on the teacher.  Assistants should not chit-chat with students OR teachers once the class has begun.  Assistants will be called on to demonstrate so that the teacher may concentrate on giving corrections when needed, or to keep class moving smoothly by helping struggling students.
  • If for any reason the teacher is interrupted or has to leave the room during class, student assistants should keep the class going by either repeating the current exercise or coming up with another activity.
  • Assistants should remember that it is the teacher’s job to give corrections.  They must always come into class with a positive attitude and a smile on their faces.  They must stand up straight and look interested- never leaning on the barres or looking bored.
  • Work Study participants who need to miss a class for any reason, are responsible for informing the teacher.  The assistant should also make every effort to find a substitute.  The Work Study Program requires commitment and responsibility. MAXIMUM 5 absences annually.




Each June TDS holds a full-scale performance that includes all of our students. The Recital is a ton of work for our faculty and students. Help is always needed in the lobby selling concessions and flowers, backstage watching younger students, working set pieces, and helping with hair and make-up. Each Spring we begin looking for Recital Volunteers – keep your ears open for details when they come out in the Spring!

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