A Brief History of Tap Dance

Tap Dance is an American tradition with its early roots in the tribal dances of immigrants to America, and a long career in the Hollywood cinema and stages of Broadway. While many see Tap as just a form of dance, it really is a musical discipline. The challenges of learning to Tap Dance are not just physical, but also cognitive and rhythmic. Each routine is a song layered with different rhythmic lines; each using different muscle groups. Combined with the aesthetics of Broadway, Tap Dance is not only a truly unique art form, but also a blast to practice!

Tap at TDS

Students of all ages can participate in Tap Dance classes and performances at TDS. Our youngest students can learn to tap in our combination classes from ages 4-5 (Pre-Ballet/Tap) and ages 6-7 (Ballet/Tap). Our primary Tap Dance program starts at age 7-9 (Tap I) and continues with ages 10-12 (Tap II). Teen students are invited to join, with or without experience, at age 13+ (Tap III). Our intermediate and advanced students are evaluated at the end of each academic year and assign to either Tap IV or Tap V. Adults are also given the opportunity to learn in one of our Adult Tap classes (18+). Adult dance classes run in 10 week terms for convenience.



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