Tuition Rates

How Often?  TDS tuition is charged monthly. Each tuition bracket is based off of the number of hours that your student(s) take weekly. Hours from multiple youth students within the same family (household) are summed to one family total. Adult tuition rates are charged separately regardless of familial youth students.

Does it change?  Changes can be made to your enrollment, and thus tuition amounts, for the months of September, October, and November. As of December 2017 your present rate will be locked for each month through June 2018 (7 months locked). Tuition for December is that same as any other month. Weeks lost to holiday vacations in some months are made up by extra weeks in others and time spent at rehearsals.

How do I pay? Tuition is accepted in two forms: our automatic credit/debit agreement OR payment via check in to annual portions (4 months Sept.-Dec. and 6 months Jan.-Jun.). The TDS Tuition Agreement is part of our registration process.


Monthly Family Tuition Rates

.75-1 Hours/week – $50 monthly

1.5-2 hours/week – $95 monthly

2.5-3 hours/weeks – $142 monthly

3.5-4 hours/week – $190 monthly

4.5-5 hours/week – $236 monthly

5.5-6 hours/week – $285 monthly



             ”     I agree for the Terpsichorean Dance Studio, Inc. to charge the amount stated above (or below if any changes are made to enrollment between September and December 2017) to the Credit/Debit card named above monthly from September 2017 through June 2018; each charge will be on the date specified by the customer (above). If the student is enrolling during May , June, July, or August 2018 then the first charge will beat the time of receiving the registration form. The next charge will take place on the specified date in October.

Tuition  is due between the 1st and the 10th of each month. All 10 months are  the same amount. All tuition must be paid via Automatic CC Agreement or be paid by check in two parts (Sept.—Dec. & Jan.—Jun). Tuition is not prorated for student absences. Students are encouraged to “make-up” any classes they miss.

Locking Tuition: Changes to Enrollment can be made anytime from Sept.—Nov. BUT your tuition rates will lock 12/01/2017    reflecting the enrollment current to that point in time. Any changes in class attendance beyond then will NOT change the amount of tuition due. The one exception being if a student has injured themselves to a degree that they cannot dance for any of the remaining classes. Such a   scenario requires a doctor’s clear statement that this is the case. All others will still be responsible for tuition through June 2018.”



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