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Our Philosophy

 “Terpsichorean Dance Studio is founded on the principle that anyone, regardless of age or ability, can find joy through dance. We pride ourselves on a high standard of dance education coupled with a family-friendly and inviting environment. Our faculty members regularly train in both their specific disciplines and educational methods and practices. We are a competition free dance studio; where many dance studios today spent time and resource to compete against other dancers in front of a panel of judges, we put our resources towards providing more educational and performance opportunities so our dancers can compete with the dancer they used to be. Whether looking to pursue a career in dance or just looking for a fun activity, Terpsichorean Dance Studio has a place for you. Every year hundreds of happy students pass through our doors, we welcome you to join us!”

~ Aprille Chadwell, Owner

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1601 NW Newport Ave.

Bend, OR 97702