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To Be Followed by Students and Family Members of All Ages

Registration: All Terpsichorean Dance Studio students must complete our online registration process and sign all liability waivers in order to participate in our classes/programs.

Tuition: All tuition is due the 1st of each month. NO REFUNDS, PRORATES or CREDITS given for missed classes, or classes missed due to injury, but make-ups are available during the season registered. Tuition rates are the same for all ten (10) months of the academic year. Tuition for the Terpsichorean Dance Studio Program must be paid via a Tuition Agreement (automatic credit/debit charge). To drop a class, written notice (via email) must be received by the 15th of the prior month to avoid being charged for the following month. Costume fees are non-refundable.

Private Lessons: The minimum length of a private lesson is 1 hour at the rate of $70 an hour. Privates must be set up around regular studio hours and on a regular basis. If a lesson needs to be rescheduled for any reason you must notify the teacher at least 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the missed lesson.


Late Fees: A late fee of $10 will be charged to your account if your card is declined and not corrected before the 10th of each month.

Cancellation Policy: To drop a class, written notice (via email) must be received by the 15th of the prior month to avoid being charged for the following month.


Summer Tuition: must be canceled via email by the 1st of the prior month of participation to avoid being charged for the summer session.

Refunds: NO REFUNDS, PRORATES or CREDITS given for missed classes, but make-ups are available during the season registered.

Attendance: All Terpsichorean Dance Studio students are expected to attend no less than 80% of their classes; roughly no more than 12 absences over the course of an academic year. Missing more than this amount of classes can lead to your child being removed from one or more of their classes. Every time a student misses a class they are taking time from those that are there; the teacher will have to repeat instruction for those that missed. Be fair, be there.

Recital Attendance: All Terpsichorean Dance Studio students are expected to participate in the June Recital. Participation in this performance requires attendance for all classes in the month of June, attendance at the rehearsals prior to the show, and attendance at the shows themselves. Missing any of these will result in you/your student not participating in the Recital. We do take into consideration if a family has a tragedy that conflicts with one of these obligations.

Costume Fees: All Terpsichorean Dance Studio students performing in the June Recital are required to purchase their class costume, and costume fees are non-refundable. Costume fees are $75 for one hour classes. Technique classes do not perform so no costumes are required.

Dress Code: The following requirements for dance attire should be met by each Terpsichorean Dance Studio student.

Creative Movement/Combos: Stretchy dance clothes, a leotard, tutus optional, hair out of face, tights, ballet flats.

Ballet/Pointe: A leotard, tights, ballet flats or pointe shoes, hair in a bun. Skirts and sweater shrugs are allowed in levels I and II. All tights and leotards may be in flesh tone, ballet pink, white, or black according to your preference. Note: certain performance costumes and works may call for a traditional matching set of ballet pink or white tights for all students in order to stay to the art form.

Tap/Hip Hop: Stretchy clothing, athletic shorts or long shorts, clean sneakers not worn outside for Hip Hop or tap shoes for Tap. Hair out of face. NO crop tops, jean shorts or jeans.

Jazz/Modern/Contemporary/Lyrical/Company: Stretchy fitted clothing, jazz shoes, neoprene half soles, ballet shoes, or bare feet depending on the class. Hair up. Sports bras recommended. NO crop tops, shorts, sweat pants or jeans. Leggings or tights required.

Boys/Men: Stretchy dance clothes. Ballet tights and top upon request. Appropriate shoes for genre of dance class.

Prohibited In All Classes: Loose jewelry, street shoes, exposed (bare) midriffs, exposed bras or underwear, jeans or constricting pants, jean shorts, clothing with inappropriate words or images, any article of clothing that impedes a dancer’s ability to practice.

Injuries: If a student sustains an injury at anytime during the dance season then they must provide a doctor’s statement that they cannot participate for a time. If no effective end date is provided in the note then a second note must be submitted stating that your student can participate in dance classes at Terpsichorean Dance Studio once more. Tuition charges will remain unless the student cannot participate for the remainder of their classes (see TUITION above).

Observed Holidays & Breaks: Terpsichorean Dance Studio takes 1 week of classes off for Thanksgiving Break, 2 weeks for Winter Break, and 1 week for Spring Break, which match the Bend-LaPine School District schedule. Classes ARE held on all 1-day holidays and school conferences.

Snow Days: Terpsichorean Dance Studio rarely cancels for snow. Parents are contacted directly via email of class cancellations for snow. Make-up classes will be created at the earliest convenience for the classes canceled. Tuition is not prorated for holidays or reschedules.

Communications: Most communications between the Terpsichorean Dance Studio office and students/families are done via email. Make sure to check your email regularly for notices and offers.

Behavior: Students, parents, siblings, staff, and guests of the Terpsichorean Dance Studio are ALL held to the same expectations regarding behavior. Fighting of any sort, whether in the class room or the hallway, gives reason for immediate dismissal. Gossip regarding any students, family members, faculty, or guests can create unneeded pain and embarrassment. Terpsichorean Dance Studio is a safe place, do your part to keep it a sanctuary for artists of all sorts.


Parents/Teacher Responsibilities: If your student is too young to use the restroom by themselves, and their parents/guardian is not present, then our Terpsichorean Dance Studio staff are authorized to escort your student to the restroom. Terpsichorean Dance Studio staff will not enter the restroom unless the student specifically asks for the staff member’s help. If your student is too young to use the restroom on their own then we recommend that a parent/guardian stay for the duration of the student’s class.

Late Fees
Recital Attendance
Costume Fees
Dress Code
Parent/Teacher Responsibilities
Observed Holidays
Snow Days
Private Lessons
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