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2023 Jr/Sr Company Auditions

May 6th, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Level II-V Students Are Welcome to Audition!

Arrive at 12:30 to warm up on your own.

Auditions begin promptly at 1:00.

Jr/Sr Company are performing groups, not just another class. We pursue local performance opportunities, learn additional dances and travel for dance workshops with competition possibilities.

Audition Attire

Black Leotard

Pink Tights

Ballet Shoes

Hair in a Clean Bun

Req'd Classes

Jr/Sr Company


Jumps & Turns


Jazz or Modern

Company Class

Other Info

Fundraiser Participation

Performance Participation

More Strict Attendance

Extra Company Class Fee $35/mo

Summer Dance Intensive Req'd

August 28-31, $495

Bring a Water Bottle and a Great Attitude!

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