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“My favorite thing about Terpsichorean is that you’re always loved.”

Shay Rice

“People don’t judge me or my dancing and I just get to learn.“

Carly Cameron

“I like how we are a really strong community and everyone welcomed me when I first came.”

Emily Bengtson 


“I love that all the staff are super supportive and kind always willing to help me and also put the fun in functional dancing.”

Ella Kerr

“It’s a great community and all the teachers are super nice.”

Rowan Jacobs

“We love Terpsichorean Dance Studio. My daughter's teacher is fun and gets the four and five year-old girls excited to dance. We appreciate Cindy.”

Stradlay Family

“I love ‘run, run, leap’ with Miss Cindy!“

Maggie Sams

“My favorite part of dancing with Terpsichoren Dance Studio is having fun and learning new things. I also like the recital.”

Mataya Zanger

“I like that everybody is so friendly.”

Willa Gritzner

“I like the teachers because they make dance so fun!”
Della Gerken

“I like that some steps are really hard and some are really easy.”

Pia Willms 

“My favorite thing is dancing and learning new things.”

Alexa Wood

“My favorite thing is it’s like a family.”

Kirra Risdon


“My favorite thing is the really nice staff and people there.”

Isabel Maclowry


“My favorite thing about Terpsichorean is there are many different types of dance.”

Ceana Wood


“I really like how if you don’t feel like you know the dance moves you still feel welcome.”

Tess McGarigle


“My favorite thing about Terpsichorean is how nice everyone is and how good the teachers are at teaching.”

Brynlee Strong


“I really like how good the teachers are.”

Betsy Green

“Terpsichorean is a really accepting community and everyone is bringing you up and supporting you to become a better dancer.”

Veronica Ferris

“I like that all the teachers are nice!”

Greer Gerken

“My favorite part of dancing at Terpsichorean is that I can be myself while dancing among some of my best friends.”

Chloe Keller

“I like the family atmosphere at Terpsichorean.”

Abby Dhone

“My favorite thing about the dance studio is how welcoming the people are.”

Madeline Wadeson

“I love dance class because it makes me better at dancing and if I’ve had a bad day it brightens my mood.”

Siena Ruane

“My favorite thing about dancing is that I get to have fun and hang out with my friends.”

Kayleigh Mahony

“My favorite thing about the dance studio is how kind and welcoming everyone is.”

Sloane Miller

“My favorite thing about dancing is that I get to do the dance.”

Hazel Strople

“My favorite thing about dancing is that I get to see lots of people and friends.”

Maeve Strople

“I like dance because I can express my emotion through it.”

Paige Piernicki

“My favorite thing about dancing is that I feel like I’m floating.”

Emma Hamilton

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