COVID-19 Policies

Current policies:

  • Only dancers in the studio (See COVID waiver for exceptions)

  • Temperature check when entering the studio

  • Use hand sanitizer or wash hands before and after class

  • Try to maintain social distancing

  • Drinking fountain closed, bring your own water bottle

  • Barres, doorknobs, etc. sanitized after each class

  • Dancers ages 5 and up, parents and teachers are required (per state mandate) to wear a mask even while in class

  • Download our COVID-19 waiver by clicking here.


Instructions for Online Dance Classes


If your child will be using a computer, make sure your computer is equipped with a webcam. Nearly all laptops have webcams built-in, but a desktop PC (or Mac) may not. The best browser to use is Google Chrome. It's possible you'll need to install (for free) Google Chrome, but apart from that you shouldn't need to install anything on your computer.


Depending upon your particular computer and TV, it may be possible to connect your computer to the TV, using the TV as the monitor. In most instances you'll need an HDMI cable, but you'll need to check your equipment to see what specific cable may be required.


You or your child will receive an invite (some invites have already been sent) which will include a meet link. Just click on the meet link and your browser will launch and take you to your online class. Your PC may ask you to allow both the mic and the camera to be accessed, and after you allow them, your face will appear on the screen and to the right you'll see a green "Join Now" button. Click that and you'll be on your way. Your teacher will appear on your screen along with some of the other students.


If your child will be using a tablet or phone, visit the Apple App Store/Google Play Store and download Google's "Hangouts Meet". The invite you receive will include a code for the meeting(s) and allow you to rejoin it if necessary.


All classes will be at their normal time and day and will be live. Please have your child dress in the appropriate attire for class and have a water bottle handy so they don't have to leave the room during a lesson. This way it will feel more like they are going to their usual dance class.


We taught every class using this technology from the end of March until June and, although there were a few glitches, it went very well and proved to be an effective way to learn and it gives the students the opportunity to interact with each other so they don't lose the social component of dance class.